Why This Blog?

My parents kept a secret for over 50 years. They never told my older brother and me that we were adopted. If it wasn’t for my elderly mother developing dementia and spilling the beans to neighbors, I may never have learned the truth. Sadly, just a few days earlier, my brother had passed away from a blood clot.

A California judge amended my birth certificate a month after my adoption was finalized. But I grew up believing the names typed in under “parents” were my biological mother and father. Why would I think otherwise?

For me, my life was amended the night my 89-year-old mother explained why they had lied: “We wanted a real family, not an adopted one.”

I just shook my head in disbelief.

As a writer I tell the truth. This blog will be an open and honest conversation about what it’s like to learn at 53 years of age that your life isn’t the life you believed it to be. By sharing my real and raw feelings,  I hope to heal.  I also hope to help others experiencing a similar amended life.